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Dedicated T1 Connection Service - T1 Line

Alfaorg has direct relationships with over 7 business long distance and high-speed, with d interstate rates from 1.5cents/min. Plans vary by geographic area, call volume and term length.
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Do You Need a T1 line ?

Consider this:
Does the savings in "per minute long distance rate" exceed the cost of the monthly cost of T1 service line local loop (the "pipe" that connects your equipment directly to the long distance carrier)? Usual T1 connection loop costs run between $200-$1000 per month depending on geographic location from the loop.
Can a significant number of local lines be eliminated by using a long distance T1 connection line. Remember that one T1 connection is equal to 24 lines. This could offset the cost of the loop charge.
Equipment required - a phone system that is able to accept a T1 card, or a channel bank is required. Cost of equipment can vary from $1000-$4000 depending on your equipment and/or vendor.

T1 Service Explained

A T1 service line can carry about 192,000 bytes per second -- roughly 60 times more data than a normal residential modem. It is also extremely reliable -- much more reliable than an analog modem. Depending on what they are doing, a T1 line connection can generally handle quite a few people. For general browsing, hundreds of users are easily able to share a T1 connection line comfortably. If they are all downloading MP3 files or video files simultaneously it would be a problem, but that still isn't extremely common. A T2 service has 4 T1's (4x24=96 channels) and a T3 has 28 T1 s ( 672 channels). This kind of carriers are only used by big corporations.
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What Do We Offer:

  • Local Voice T1 Service (DS1)
    Customers with 12-24 phone lines also rely heavily on T1 voice service. Since there are 24 DS-O circuits bundled together on one T1 circuit, you can have 24 phone lines connected to the long distance carrier at the same time.
  • Internet Data T1 Service(DS1)
    For super high-speed Internet, the user can allocate ALL 24 channels to data, giving them a two-way connection to the Internet at 1.544 MBPS! (Typical DSL accounts run between 128KBPS and 728KBPS.)
  • Bonded T1 (Date and Voice)
  • Ethernet over Copper Broadband
  • Integrated T1 PRI Service
  • Business-Class DSL
  • Cable Broadband and Voice
  • 3G and 4G Data Plans

Businesses who benefit from T1 Line Service

  • Government Agencies
  • Car Dealers
  • Hotels
  • Architects/Engineers
  • Manufacturing/Suppliers
  • Conference Centers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Contractors/Builders
  • Restaurant Chains
  • Doctors/Dentists
  • Trucking Companies
  • Package Carriers
  • Schools

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