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Affordable Web Site Hosting Providers

We are dedicated to offer our customers a wide variety of  discount web hosting solutions.
Our partners hosting packages are complex, high volume, high availability web site tied to a robust back-end that enable you and your customers to quickly and efficiently access the data you make available online, or process orders and correspond with customers
In this list you will not find free web hosting  offers but affordable web hosting companies that  fits the needs for web site hosting of a individual or small business  to global corporation.  Prices and features listed are for basic web site hosting plans. Most of our web site hosting partners offer also more complex  professional hosting programs with support for ASP, PHP, FrontPage, Perl ...
For more information about each web hosting server we recommend  you to click on  the host name!

ASP Hosting, PHP Hosting and FrontPage Hosting

This are what we consider to be the first 6 WEB Hosts
٭We base the Recommendation on our experience with cheap web hosting.
* domain name reg. = domain name registration

What ASP Web Hosting stands for?

Active Server Pages, which are plain HTML pages with ASP code embedded in them. Site visitors can fill in information on a Web site, it goes to the ASP file on the server, and based on what has been sent, an HTML-coded page is generated on the fly by the server and delivered back to the browser.
ASP is used on everything from e-commerce sites to discussion boards. Microsoft offers a few examples of what ASP technology can do:
  • Allow employees to update their own records, such as address and health-plan benefit information, on an online employee handbook
  • Let you connect your online store to an existing inventory database and order-processing system
  • Give every site visitor a personalized view of the information he or she seeks, automatically highlighting what's new since the last visit
ASP works like CGI scripting, but can be faster and easier to program and implement.
Not many Web Hosting Companies offer ASP Hosting so pay attention when you chose your Web Host. Don't look for cheap Web Hosting !

PERL for Web Hosting

Practical Extraction and Report Language. Perl is an interpreted language well suited to system management, CGI scripts, text manipulation, and jobs that lie somewhere in the grey region between shell scripts and C program. It has a C-like syntax, was written by Larry Wall  and is available at AU on the OIT Sun/UNIX server (Mallard).

What is PHP Web Site Hosting ?

* In Web programming, PHP is a script language and interpreter that is freely available and used primarily on Linux Web servers. PHP, originally derived from Personal Home Page Tools, now stands for : Hypertext Preprocessor, which the PHP FAQ describes as a "recursive acronym.
* PHP is an alternative to Microsoft's Active Server Page (ASP) technology and it is offer by many discount Web Site Hosting company. As with ASP, the PHP script is embedded within a Web page along with its HTML. Before the page is sent to a user that has requested it, the Web server calls PHP to interpret and perform the operations called for in the PHP script.
* An HTML page that includes a PHP script is typically given a file name suffix of ".php" ".php3," or ".phtml". Like ASP, PHP can be thought of as "dynamic HTML pages," since content will vary based on the results of interpreting the script.
* PHP is free and offered under an open source license.
* Most of our web host partners offer PHP Web Hosting support.

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